Drone Aviation Corp: Reinventing Unmanned Tether

A Birds-Eye View of the Technological World

Some of the earliest unmanned flights date back to the civil war where soldiers built small gas-filled tethering systems that could be raised to a certain altitude, allowing the remotely positioned observer to relay information to the command centers on the ground. Fast forward a century in time, drones were conceptualized as the future of unmanned piloting systems that could provide applications ranging from simple package delivery operations to construction engineering and defense surveillance. Rightly so, drones of the current day and age play a predominant role in tasks such as rescue missions, capable of scaling great altitudes, maneuvering through intricate spaces, and perform nimble operations to suffice the need of the hour. They figuratively function as a birds-eye view for operators on the ground, allowing them to analyze a given situation with a broader perspective.

Amazon, in 2016, demonstrated a proof of concept that delivers consignments to customers in less than 30 minutes, over the air, using an unmanned aircraft. Thought the technology is still in its infancy, it showcases a promise for the future, where logistics is entirely automated without human interference. The proof of concept improvises on existing functionalities such as real-time tracking of consignment while also enhancing the customer experiences. Similarly, few of the solution providers utilize drones for aerial photography to aid construction workers in comprehending the geographical changes of the construction site remotely; the armed forces uses tactile drones for over the head surveillance; agriculturists employ unmanned aircrafts to spray fertilizers without having to perform the action manually.

Such applications have opened up a new paradigm for drone solution providers to showcase the flexibility of the technology to assist various industries in automating cumbersome and redundant tasks. Identifying such promising drone technology vendors, the editorial board of Enterprise Technology Review compiles insights of industry specialists and solutions from leading organizations. In our assessment, we recognized a vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and efficient drone solutions that add value to the technological world.

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    A Birds-Eye View of the Technological World

  • Autel Robotics stand out in the market for its potential competency of producing drones made out of future technology. These advanced camera drones provided by this drone technology solutions company help the customers avail them at reasonable prices. The high-tech camera drone is characterized by the state-of-the-art features with stunning design and appearance, which attract the millennials today. Producing the best-in-quality pictures, Autel drones are known for their compact and powerful make and professional workflow. They can fly up in not more than 30 seconds of deployment, making the customers happy and satisfied


  • Drone Aviation combines engineering, human factors-based design, software, and safety systems to provide reliable, easy to deploy systems for the UAS industry


  • Renders best-in-market airspace security solutions over no-fly zones to detect, identify, and classify unmanned aircraft vehicles


  • Provider of secure drone data management and AI analytics software


  • Skypersonic is a top research and design engineering company, which has mastered the art of producing autonomous systems and services related to vehicle technology. Catering to the needs of the automotive and aerospace industries, the drone technology solutions company has its innovative new release named as Skycopter Pro. It is highly efficient as it can collect data from sources and places, which is impossible for a human to access. Skypersonic is relied and trusted for its data inspection and intelligence functions. Skypersonic’s Skycopter Pro has a built-in camera that can record high definition video


  • Renders advanced thermal drone applications to assist clients with comprehensive infrared drone inspections