Optelos: Secure Drone Data Management and AI Analytics Software

David Tran, Founder & CEO, OptelosDavid Tran, Founder & CEO
Drones are being adopted by industry at an unprecedented rate. But collecting the data is only the first step; without intelligent analytics and a client-friendly platform to deliver this, the data will never reach its full potential. The market is currently flooded with vast volumes of unappetizing, unstructured data, data that turns to gold when backed by analytics.

However, there still lies a huge inadequacy in the knowledge of creating appropriate management and analytic models for specific datasets, much less a platform that can cater to every vertical. When put to good use, delivery of such a portal has profound effects to businesses bottom line. Combining this knowledge of tailored and business-specific analytics with advanced drone technologies, Optelos marks its eminence. Founded by David Tran and David Collmann, Optelos constituted a joint venture of the duo with well over 20 years of experience, empowering customers in managing and improving their wireless operations. With a combined interest in drones and leveraging their potential in mitigating vital accessibility challenges and safety issues faced by various industries, the duo created Optelos specialized in providing secure drone data management and AI analytics software.
With the help of best-of-breed workflow, multimedia, and AI Analytics, Optelos today delivers its solutions to any number of drone operators and enterprises alike. David Tran, CEO of Optelos states, “Our unique value proposition is centered on data analytics. We believe that it is our ability to intelligently analyze that data, enabling key corporate business decisions, which facilitates real intrinsic value generated from the data.”

Optelos offers Drone Service Providers and Enterprises an extensive platform providing unparalleled ease of implementation, whether it be cloud-based or deployed behind the security firewall. The platform provides a rich workflow management system that can be tailored to the specific requirements of every customer. The first step of the workflow is ensuring intuitive management of the project. As the data is uploaded, it is streamed directly into their secure data security management system. This captured data then undergoes a patent-pending process to structure and curate the information to build a variety of linked multi-dimensional relationships. This is used to generate geo-located imagery, detailed 3D models and orthomosaic representations for any type of asset management. This insightful technology allows clients to conduct inspections, measurements, and project manage changes over the period of weeks or months. Furthermore, Optelos curates these data sets to deliver automated analytics across the verticals. By deploying its own AI algorithms and existing AI infrastructures such as Google Analytics, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure, the company releases the untapped potential of drones to enable the best of breed matrix results that are sent back to the clients, saving up to 65 percent on project time.

The company recently engaged with one of its clients in the utility sector which uses drones to collect data on their power-lines and power utility poles. These drones took nearly 10,000 pictures of the power lines, stretched over miles, generating a huge volume of data in the form of imagery. In a matter of minutes Optelos’ Drone Work Advisor platform efficiently structured this data by processing the captured imagery through its AI based analysis system, inhaling metadata and automatically analysing and placing geo-located images over the map; providing the client’s stakeholders with enhanced immediate visibility into the datasets. “We help management structure the data and put it in clear industry-specific context in order to make actionable decisions,” adds Tran.

The company practices a unique culture of understanding the customer and connecting with them in the process. Moving ahead with an internal business motto of ‘connection beyond the transaction', Optelos believes in cultivating a true and reliable dynamic with its customers. The company’s personnel strive to understand the unique needs and requirements of each client, listening to them and devising tailor-made solutions to the meet their challenges. From an innovation standpoint, Optelos keeps a keen ear to the ground in the ever-transforming market space, adopting an agile development and learn fast culture. A significant part of this ethos also reflects on its ability to quickly iterate and innovate with the change. The company is equipped with a unique blend of diverse talent and constantly promotes its workforce to explore unchartered territories while maintaining inherent customer focus.

"Moving ahead with an internal business motto of ‘connection beyond transaction,’ Optelos believes in establishing a true and reliable dynamic with its customers"

- David Tran, Founder & CEO